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Simple Clear Memorial Pendant

Simple Clear Memorial Pendant

SKU: 0004

A perfect way to have your loved one with you at all times. This memorial glass pendant is a simple, yet stunning tribute, crafted from clear glass with a twist of loved one’s ashes captured within. 

Each piece is a unique blend of artistry and sentiment, honoring cherished memories in a tangible and beautiful way.




    Because of the nature of the memorial piece, I am unable to accept returns. If there is a problem with the piece, I will make every effort to come to a satisfactory resolution for both of us. 


    Once you order your memorial piece, you will need to send me a small amount of your loved ones ashes (roughly 1/4 tsp). Once I have the ashes, I will create the ordered piece and ship it, as well as any unused ashes, back to you. 

    Every effort will be made to complete the piece as quickly as possiple, however, please allow up to 6 weeks for completion of piece.

    Please send ashes to:

    DeMoss Glass Art

    PO Box 682

    McCall, ID 83638

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